Best Graffiti Markers – Comparison

During my process of drawing letters I often was not satisfied with the results, even though I was confident that I improved my letters. So I started to try out different markers to find the best one. Below you can find markers I tested to draw the same tag.

1. Copic Ciao marker with medium broad brush

well done break graffiti tag

I really like the result of this brush. I did some rework with the super brush even though it would not have been needed.

2. Copic Ciao marker with super brush

badly done break graffiti tag

I think that the result of the Copic Ciao marker with super brush is bad. I like to use it to draw gradients in Graffiti pieces, but it not seems to be suitable to draw Graffiti tags. But fortunately this brush is the second brush attached to the this marker. The other one can create the result shown above. Which is awesome.

3. Molotov One4All 227 HS Acrylic Premium Paint

break graffiti tag done with molotov allinone marker

The Molotov One4All Acrylic Premium Paint markers can be used for drawing Graffiti pieces. I am not very happy with the result for Tags because the line has the same thickness.

4. Edding 500

break graffiti tag done wilh edding500 marker

The Graffiti Tag done with the Edding 500 marker is close to the result of the Copic Ciao marker with medium broad brush, but the lines are messy and torn. So rework with a thin liner would be needed to achieve a better result.

Toki Twin Tip Grafik markers

6. Conclusion

I like the result with the medium broad brush of the » Copic Ciao marker * and the
Toki Twin Tip Grafikmarker
the most. So it is the best marker graffiti marker for me so far. The Toki Twing markers are even a bit better and cost way less than the Copic markes.
Summarizing one can say that choosing the correct marker can improve your tag a lot!

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