Graffiti Sketch “Grim”

finished sketch grim
Wildstyle Graffiti Sketch “Grim” done by Graffiti Empire with Molotov and Copic markers

I took the following steps to create this sketch

1. Drew a tag

Actually I am very unhappy with this outcome, but it was the first step of my drawing process anyway. As you can see, the end-result does not look very similar to this tag.

graffiti tag grim

2. Created a sketch with a pen and redrew it with Copic markers. I like the outcome of my sketching. I am thinking about redrawing it with a different letter “R” though. I want to replace the round shape at the top of it.

pen graffiti sketch grim

3. Colorized and created shadow blocks

I also used Copic markers here as well

grim graffiti sketch colored-and shadow lines-grim

4. Added the shadows, highlights, tag and background

I think the color scheme is quite good. I have to refill my markers though and the highlights are a bit messy.

finished sketch grim

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