About Graffiti Empire – DIY Graffiti Sketching Blog

My passion for Graffiti and the web led me to the idea of introducing those two different worlds as one. I draw Graffiti and spread them into the web. Sometimes I post-process them using digital tools like Adobe Photoshop, improve them with artificial effects and combine with photography and generative arts. The web as media is the perfect tool for reaching a wide audience all across the world and thus going hand in hand with the principle of Graffiti “Out for Fame”.

Another reason why I decided for Graffiti digitalization is my professional occupation as a web-designer. Well done Graffiti often beautify unsightly parts of the city and confront people with art while no action from them is needed. I would like to share those thoughts across the web. Most of the Graffiti related websites are implemented in a not appropriate way and missing the main point – spreading the beautiful, therefore I started improving the situation.

Sprayed Graffiti will always be a source of inspiration for me. However, Graffiti for me is not necessarily connected to one tool – the can. I like to combine various kinds of art. The bigger potential reach of my artworks online may be interesting, but is not essential for my approach. I am aiming at developing Graffiti as an art with that approach. At the same time I want to support “spraying” as original technique through taking pictures of sprayed graffiti and streetart I like.

With “Graffiti Empire” I want to develop Graffiti as an art in the digital world without neglecting spraying as traditional tool of Graffiti. The collection of Graffiti Letters improves and speeds up my design process. I want to share it, to help you designing your art. Furthermore, by showing my own creation process and artworks I want to help you to create your own Graffiti style and may give you new insights on how to draw them. At the same time it is a documentation of my evolution in drawing.

If you have questions, feedback or want a cooperation or link-exchange, drop me a message (hello@graffiti-empire.com)!

Tada (formerly Nebula) Tada Handstyle