About “Graffiti Empire”

The beginnings

I am a web developer and I love arts – especially graffiti and streetart. So, I decided to start a second career as an artist. All began when I had the aim to create my own graffiti on canvas to put it in my living room – you can see the result below – so I started to sketch graffiti. At the same time I wanted to create a new web project besides my job to learn on it – “Graffiti Empire” was born.

Tada abstract graffiti on canvas photo
“Tada” Abstract graffiti on canvas

Graffiti letters database

Automating repetitive tasks is a big part of my job. After drawing my first graffiti tags, handstyles and graffiti sketches, I soon realized that I forget how I designed letters before. It is not that easy to “scan” previously created sketches to find different designs of the currently needed letter. Additionally I searched for inspiration online and was not quite happy with the search results. Thus, I started to create my own database of graffiti letters and decided to provide it to a public audience.

Graffiti letters collection graphic
Graffiti Letters


Sprayed graffiti will always be a source of inspiration for me. So I take pictures of streetart and well painted graffiti I like. However, creating graffiti is not necessarily connected to spraying only in my opinion. With “Graffiti Empire” I want to develop graffiti as a form of art with focusing on sketches and paintings on canvas.
The collection of graffiti letters improves and speeds up my design process. I want to share it, to help you designing your art. Furthermore, by showing my own creation process of graffiti sketches I want to help you to create your own graffiti style and may give you new insights on how to draw them.
At the same time it is a documentation of my evolution in drawing.

Graffiti Generator

While creating several step-by-step graffiti drawing tutorials, the limitation of this approach became clear. It is limited to the given word and letters. That’s why we decided to create a graffiti generator app, which allows the users to create their on name or words in graffiti, to explore color combinations by changing the colors of the graffiti layers and to make the structure of letters clear by toggling the layers on the virtual canvas.

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If you have questions or feedback, drop me a message (support@graffiti-empire.com) or leave a comment below 😀!

Tada Handstyle


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