Graffiti NFTs


On this page you will find my growing collections of graffiti NFTs and digital artworks. I transfer graffiti to the digital world using the web as my walls and canvas.

What are NFTs? Non-Fungible Tokens explained

NFTs are unique cryptographic tokens that exist on a blockchain and cannot be replicated. They can be used to store digital artworks or represent real-world items. “Tokenizing” these assets allows them to be bought, sold, and traded more efficiently while reducing the probability of fraud. A big advantage for artists is that, every time a NFT is resold, the creator will earn a percentage of the price.

How to buy an NFT?

We would recommend reading this article from Opensea: with its further references.

Unveiling the Ideas Behind My Graffiti NFT Collection

As a coder, automating repetitive tasks is a significant aspect of my job. After creating my initial graffiti tags, handstyles, and graffiti sketches, I quickly realized that I often forget my previous letter designs. It isn’t straightforward to review previously made sketches to find alternative designs for the letter I currently need. Consequently, I began to develop my own database of graffiti letters and opted to make it accessible to the public. These letters possess a sketchy character and are not yet considered artworks. My current aim is to transform them into artworks and securely store them on the blockchain. Additionally, I enjoy creating digital graffiti, so my collection will also feature more advanced graffiti pieces.

My Creation Process

Most of the time, I start with a sketch on paper. Either a draw a handstyle and/or use the creation process shown on this page. After that, I take a picture of the sketch and digitalize it with the Procreate app on iPad or directly process it with Affinity Photo and add effects and backgrounds.

About the “Letterattack” collection

To commence, I intend to unveil the entire alphabet of graffiti letters imbued with a vibrant Pop Art aesthetic. Each letter variant will be distinguished by a unique and dynamic color palette. It is worth noting that I do not plan to unveil the letters in a traditional alphabetical sequence. This deliberate choice stems from my creative process, which sometimes dictates the creation of specific letters based on daily inspiration rather than adhering to a predetermined order, as I find such rigidity uninspiring. Furthermore, I wish to emphasize that this collection will be meticulously crafted by hand and will not be generated through automated means, ensuring a bespoke and authentic artistic expression.

“Letterattack” collection

Graffiti Letter X NFT graphic
Graffiti Letter V NFT graphic
Graffiti Letter O NFT graphic
Graffiti Letter N NFT graphic
Graffiti Letter H NFT graphic
Graffiti Letter G NFT graphic
Graffiti Letter E NFT graphic
Graffiti Letter C NFT graphic
Graffiti Letter B NFT graphic

Graffiti Letter NFTs

Graffiti Letter A NFT graphic
Graffiti letter A NFT: sold
Graffiti Letter L NFT graphic
Graffiti Letter L NFT
Graffiti Letter Z NFT
Graffiti Letter Z NFT
3D H Graffiti Letter NFT graphic
3D P Graffiti Letter NFT graphic
S Popart graffiti letter NFT graphic

Graffiti Pieces NFTs

Ghost Graffiti NFT
Ghost Graffiti NFT on white background
Ether Graffiti NFT graphic
Ether graffiti piece NFT

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