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On this page you will find my growing collections of graffiti NFTs and digital artworks. I transfer graffiti to the digital world using the web as my walls and canvas.

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What are NFTs? Non-Fungible Tokens explained

In case you do not know what NFTs are yet, find an explaination below:

NFTs are unique cryptographic tokens that exist on a blockchain and cannot be replicated. They can be used to store digital artworks or represent real-world items. “Tokenizing” these assets allows them to be bought, sold, and traded more efficiently while reducing the probability of fraud.

A big advantage for artists is that, every time a NFT is resold, the creator will earn a percentage of the price.

The story behind my graffiti NFTs

Automating repetitive tasks is a big part of my job. After drawing my first graffiti tags, handstyles and graffiti sketches, I soon realized that I forget how I designed letters before. It is not that easy to “scan” previously created sketches to find different designs of the currently needed letter. Thus, I started to create my own database of graffiti letters and decided to provide it to a public audience.

These letters have a sketchy character and are not artworks. It is may aim to create artworks out of them now and store them on the blockchain.

I like to create digital graffiti as well, so there also will be more advanced graffiti pieces on my collection.

My Creation Process

Most of the time, I start with a sketch on a paper. Either a draw a handstyle and/or use the creation processes shown on this page.

After that, I take a picture of the sketch and digitalize it with the Procreate app on iPad. For further digital processing I use Affinity Photo for parts of the graffiti and backgrounds most of the time.

“Letterattack” collection

To start out, I will publish the whole alphabet of graffiti letters in Popart-style. Every type of letter has a different color combination. So at first, there will be 26 different color combinations.

I won’t publish the letters in alphabetical order. The reason for that is, I can’t design specific letters on some days and I thinks it is boring.

As a second step, I will start to make each letter available in every of the 26 color combinations.

In total, there will be 676 Popart letters. Each letter in 26 color combinations.

This collection will not be generated automatically. Well combined color-combinations cannot be achieved by randomly generated images. So I decided to create this collection manually.

Additionally, I want to have the possibility to expand the collection. I plan to make the letters available in a different style. So, stay tuned!

Graffiti Letter NFTs

Graffiti Letter A NFT graphic
Graffiti letter A NFT: sold

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Streetart graffiti letter K NFT graphic
Streetart graffiti letter K NFT

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Graffiti letter P NFT graphic
Graffiti letter P NFT

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Graffiti Letter R Outlines NFT
Graffiti Letter R outlines NFT

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Graffiti Letter L NFT graphic
Graffiti Letter L NFT

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Graffiti letter S NFT graphic
Graffiti Letter S NFT

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Graffiti Letter Z NFT
Graffiti Letter Z NFT

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Graffiti Pieces NFTs

Tesla graffiti piece NFT graphic
Tesla graffiti piece NFT

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Ether Graffiti NFT graphic
Ether graffiti piece NFT

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