Graffiti Drawings: Handstyles & Sketches


1.1 Graffiti Sketching

Graffiti Sketching is the way to learn to create awesome graffiti, to improve in skill and to develop your own artistic style. You will have to learn how to draw different graffiti styles, proper composition, three-dimensional blocks and how to combine colors. After mastering graffiti sketching you can move on to artistic spraying and street art.

Well, so we made a small, but growing, collection of graffiti drawings and handstyle graffiti drawings to inspire you. Below you will additionally find some links to our step-by-step graffiti tutorials to get started.

Wildstyle easy graffiti sketch picture
Wildstyle “Easy” graffiti drawing
Sima graffiti sketch with hedgehog character
Semi-wildstyle “Sima” graffiti sketch with hedgehog character
Grim graffiti sketch rework
Wildstyle “Grim” graffiti sketch
wildstyle ether graffiti sketch
Wildstyle “Ether” graffiti sketch
Tada - Simple style yellow graffiti sketch
“Tada” simple style yellow graffiti sketch
Leni Graffiti Sketch coloring
Semi-wildstyle “Leni” graffiti sketch

1.2 Procreate Graffiti

What Procreate Graffiti graphic
“What” graffiti created with Procreate

1.3 Graffiti drawing process

We offer step-by-step graffiti tutorials, for all letters from A-Z and for graffiti words.

You can also find 3 graffiti with step-by-step drawing tutorials here:

2. Handstyles

Handstyles are artistically done graffiti tags. I usually start to create my graffiti sketches by drawing the word I want to write as a handstyle. This gives me hints for connecting the letters and the general composition of the graffiti piece. Thus, I still got enough of steps to rearrange the letters.

TADA Graffiti Tag by Graffiti Empire
“Tada” handstyle drawing
Pain - handstyle
“Pain” handstyle drawing

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More Information
Oida Handstyle Graffiti Tag
“Oida” handstyle drawing
Leni Handstyle
Leni Handstyle

Another great resource for handstyles is Check it out for additionally ideas.

3. Wrapping it up

That’s all for this time.

I hope this articles helped you in your creative journey!

Is there something I forgot to mention? Or is there something you did not quite understand?

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