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Below you will find a growing collection of A graffiti letters in lots of different styles to look through and get inspired from while drawing

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Green and blue colored wildstyle a graffiti letter
Green and blue colored wildstyle a graffiti letter
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A Wildstyle Graffiti Letter outline
Wildstyle A Graffiti Letter outlines
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Small A Graffiti Letter Tag
Lowercase a graffiti tag letter
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Graffiti Letter A Tag
A graffiti tag letter
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A Graffiti Letter
A graffiti tag letter with curved serif
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Geometric A Graffiti Tag Letter
Geometric a graffiti tag letter
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Lon A Graffiti Tag Letter
Narrow A graffiti tag letter

Key Area of the letter “A” & the concept of “key areas”

Graphic of the key areas of the letter a
Key areas of letter “A”

There are lines and and areas inside of a letter shape which are crucial for recognizing the letter. These areas are so called “key areas”. They should never be covered by other elements, shapes, serifs or letters. Especially in advanced drawings of a graffiti letters, which are often very abstract, the letters will still remain recognizable, if you follow this rule. The key areas of the letter “A” are shown in the image to the left.

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  1. jesse

    can you make your app available for ios (apple devices)

    1. Tada

      Hey, it will be available for iOS in future, but I currently do not have time to code it. I will write you here, when I finished it. Thanks for your request and I hope for your patience!

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