“Tada” Throw-up sketch with monster character


In this post I will show you step-by-step how to draw the throw-up graffiti-sketch shown in the image below.

Tada Throwup graffiti sketch with monster character

Steps of tutorial

Follow the steps shown in the slides to draw the graffiti shown above.

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basic letters
Step 1: draw basic letters with a pencil
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basic letters with blocks
Step 2: add blocks to the lines of the letter. The same as it is done with graffiti bubble letters. Throwup-graffiti have sharp edges though.
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Tada throwup scribble
Step 3: Add drips and splashes
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little monster graffiti character scribble
Step 4: Add a character from a comic, a monster or a manga
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Throwup scibble
Step 5: Remove unnecessary lines and trace the outlines with a thin black marker
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Add shadows to the scribble
Step 6: Add shadows to the scribble
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Add the coloring to the throwup sketch
Step 7: Add the coloring: Use a gradient for the fill-in. It does not have to be fading.
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Finished throwup graffiti sketch
Step 8: Add the background (drips, bubbles, splashes), highlights, year of creation & your tag. The highlights are added with a white acylic marker on top of the coloring. Alocohol-based markers are used for the background.

Wrapping it up

That’s all for this time.

I hope this tutorial helped you in your creative journey!

Is there something I forgot to mention? Or is there something you did not quite understand?

Feel free to drop a comment below

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