Graffiti: 3D Blocks


Coloring 3D blocks

The following pictures show different types of coloring-ideas for 3D blocks.

graffiti 3d blocks with bars of colors parallel to the outline
3D graffiti blocks with bars of colors parallel to the outline

If you make a gradient parallel to the outline, you will usually start from a brighter color and fade to a darker color in the back. The image above shows a gradient in blocks with additional parallel lines to the outline. There are three ways to design the parallel gradient blocks.

  1. color blocks
  2. color blocks with lines (like shown above)
  3. a fading
graffiti shadows with block areas with rounded shading
3D blocks with rounded shading

Another fancy design for 3D-blocks are rounded block coloring on each block area like shown in the image above. There additionally can be a fading from bright in the middle to dark at the sidelines

graffiti 3D blocks with parallel line to the outline
3D blocks with parallel lines to the outline

Blocks are often darker on the bottom and lighter on the sides, but often it is not that easy to distinguish bottom and side areas. So think of a light source and the areas which could be reached by the light. Those blocks will be brighter and the others are darker.

You can add a parallel line to the outline, to make the 3D block look more complex.

graffiti 3D blocks with fading and hard lines
Graffiti 3D blocks with fading with edges and lines

A fourth way to color the 3D blocks is to make a vertical color gradient. The transitions between the color shades do not have to be faded. It can also have hard edges. If you use hard edges you usually add a line in the next color shade to fake the gradient.

This technique especially works well for big block areas. For smaller areas i would recommend block areas with rounded shading on the edges.

Source: Basic ideas taken from:Graffiti School: A Student Guide and Teacher Manual

Drawing 3D blocks

One way of drawing 3D graffiti blocks is choosing a vanishing point. This means: choose a point below the graffiti where all the 3D blocks lead to. Like shown in the photo below. Now choose how big the blocks should be. I took 1,5cm (1/2 inches) as length in this case.

Graffiti Tutorial how to draw §D blocks

Now take a ruler and draw from every corner of the Graffiti a 1.5cm (1/2 inches) long line to the chosen point. Then, connect the lines parallel to the Graffiti outline.

Drawing Graffiti 3D blocks with a ruler

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