“Leni” graffiti sketch creation process


In this article I will show you how I created the “Leni” graffiti sketch.

1. The handstyle

I started with a handstyle as usual – see my general tutorial on how to draw graffiti. It took me lots of tries to achieve this one, but creating the sketch afterwards was way easier. Putting time and effort in this first step can save you a lot of time later on in the sketching process.Leni Handstyle

2. The pencil drawing

As you can see, there are arrows added and I still had to make minor improvements. I did not have to change the whole composition though. Len Pencil Drawing

3. Shadows

The compositional form of this sketch is a triangle. Illustrated in the picture below.Leni graffiti sketch composiiton

I had to follow the dynamics of this composition and place the vanishing point of the shadows on the right side of the drawing. So, the shadow blocks point to the right.Leni Graffiti Sketch Outlines and shadow blocks

4. Coloring

I am not sure, if am fully happy with the coloring already, but I like this color combination.Leni Graffiti Sketch coloring


  • Standard paper for printers
  • pencil with 2B hardness
  • Stylefile makers Main set A for the fill-in
  • Posca markers PC-1MR for highlights and outlines

I will probably make a color rework of this sketch soon and maybe even will change the “e” as well. What do you think about this sketch. How do you like it?

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